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Nancy At Noon

This weekly podcast and radio show is to help baby boomers learn how to turn their life stories into audio legacies for your kids and grandkids. . . . WHILE YOU STILL CAN!  Don't wait until it's too late!!!  I share lots of my own personal stories and other stories that EVERYONE can relate to, regardless of your situation in life.

If you require personal assistance writing your life stories, I am here to help you. For more info please visit:  Life Story Coaching Services

Jul 30, 2017

Three summer road trip stories told by 3 generations. Short, entertaining and lots of fun to listen to. I give some background about the storyteller and why these stories are important to them. 

The first one is a baby boomer and her mom on a vacation mission to find their heritage. The second story is a guy and some...

Jul 19, 2017

This story is about a woman who waited, wondered, hoped and prayed that her heavenly, hunky, perfect soul mate would mysteriously apparate into her life, fill her hungry void with excitement, joy and love, then carry her off to an ever-after real life land of bliss – tropical, preferably! But instead, she...

Jun 27, 2017

Today’s episode is about overriding your fear of writing so you can have the courage and the authenticity to speak your truth through the stories you tell your grandkids.

As baby boomers we want our grandkids to think of us as the cool world changers that we know ourselves to be, but the millennials and GenXers say...

Jun 11, 2017

If you are listening to this then you still have time to make your mark on the world. No matter what your background is, or what you have lived, you can still make a difference. And it starts by telling your stories. If you have ever felt like there is more to life than what you are living, that something is missing and...

Jun 4, 2017

How you tell your story DOES make a difference. It makes all the difference in the world. Storytelling is an art. The younger generation these days have short attention spans and lose interest quickly so in order to engage and hold your grandchildren's attention you need to learn the art of storytelling.